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BoraGrid has 3 default users, each with their own role. A user role defines the permissions for users to perform a group of tasks.

Plus and Pro plan users can edit the default users and create their own.


There are 3 available roles:

  • Administrator
    • It gives full access to all platform features.
    • It’s available in all BoraGrid plans.
  • Operator
    • It does not give access to the settings page.
    • It can not modify the project or the modules.
    • Some restrictions can be edited. Go to Settings page > Operator Role.
    • It is only available in the Plus and Pro plans.
  • Viewer
    • It is the most restrictive of the roles. It only allows you to load projects and monitor them.
    • It is only available in the Plus and Pro plans.

Default users

Attention: For security reasons, change the default passwords or create new users and then delete the default ones.

Default Administrator User

  • Role: Administrator.
  • Email:
  • Default password: boragrid

Default Operator User

  • Role: Operator
  • Email:
  • Default password: boragrid

Default Viewer User

  • Role: Viewer
  • Login:
  • Default password: boragrid

Restoring the default users

To delete all new users and restore the default ones, in the BoraGrid Server interface, go to Menu > Help > Reset > Reset Users.

The default users will also be restored if restoration to factory default is requested. (“Menu > Help > Reset > Factory Reset”).

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