Streameter- Exporting project audience data to a CSV file

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The Project Report Page

On the project list page locate you project and click the “Report” button.

Enter your project password and click “Submit”.

Your project’s report will be displayed

Options buttons

Saving Data to a CSV File

Click the “Save as CSV” buttom.

A file save dialog will be opened. Give a name to your file, for example “big event”, then save it.

Importing CSV data into Google Sheets

Go to your Google drive web page.

Clique the “+ New” button then select “Google Sheets”.

A empty sheet will be open. Click over the title to give it a name, for example “Big Event”.

Go to Menu / File / Import…

Click “Upload”.

A file open dialog will be showed. Select your CSV file (big event.csv).

A new window will be showed.

Make following options checked.

  • Import location: Replace spreadsheet
  • Separator type: Detect automatically
  • Convert text to numbers and dates: Yes

Click “Import data”.

The event data will populate de sheet.

Exporting from Google Sheets to Excel

Go to Menu / File / Download as / Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

A save file dialog will be showed. Give a name to your Excel file then save it.

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