Before you Begin

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Some Useful information

It is advisable to have previous experience with AWS Elemental Live encoders for best usability.

If authentication is enabled on your encoders, make sure that the clocks on the encoders and on your computer are up to date, otherwise login problems may occur.

Be sure to check the minimum system requirements.

Encoders using a Self-Signed SSL Certificate (HTTS)

Unfortunately due to security restrictions on Elemental Live Encoders, it is not possible for BoraGrid to access a Self-Signed SSL Certificate (HTTS).

Currently there is no known walk-through on the BoraGrid side. Use a certificate signed by a certificate authority or ask your IT department to remove the self-signed certificate.

Problematic software version

A issue has been identified with version 2.18.x of the AWS Elemental Live encoders.

In this version the equipment reports wrong memory consumption data and can present high resource consumption when the “Encoder Alerts” module is used.

If your encoders have this version, and are experiencing these symptoms, upgrade them to newer versions if possible.

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