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Start a new empty project. If there are unsaved changes, you will be asked if you would like to save the current project.


Opens a selection window for you to select a project to load.

Connect / Disconnect

Connect / Disconnect BoraGrid to your encoders. When connected, the BoraGrid will request the status of the encoders and events periodically.


Saves current project.

Save As…

Allows you to save the current project under a new name.


Allows you to delete a project.

Project Settings

Settings related to the current project. See Project Settings.


Hide Control Panel

Hides the control panel. Click the small button with the down arrow at the top of the interface to display the control panel.

Tip: You can also press F10 to toggle Control Panel visibility.

Toggle Full Screen Mode

Switches the browser between full screen mode and normal mode.

Tip: In many browsers, you can press F11 to toggle full screen mode.

Controller Modules View Mode

Allows you to change the display mode of all unlocked Event Controller modules.

  • Expanded View – Changes the view mode of the Event Controller Modules to Expanded.
  • Normal View – Changes the view mode of the Event Controller Modules to Normal.
  • Toggle View Mode – Toggles the view mode of the Event Controller Modules between Normal and Expanded.


New Module

Allows you to create a new module and add it to the grid. See Create a New Module or Duplicate a Existing One.


The tools menu is only available in the Plus and Pro plans.

Create Modules out of Events

It creates modules automatically from an encoder’s events. See the article How to Create Modules Automatically from an Encoder’s Events.

Import the Input List of a Controller Module

Appends or replaces the list of inputs available in the Control Panel and Event Controller modules with the inputs from an Event Controller module in the current project.

Update Modules With Newest Events

Updates the events in the Event Controller, Event Log and Event Output modules with newest ones whose names begin with the value in the “Event Alias” field of each. See the article How to Update Modules With Newest Events

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